learning with harry potter - hogwarts castle

Learning with Harry Potter Our whole family loves learning with Harry Potter. We love the world of Harry Potter and have all read the books and watched the movies. My […]

science fiction books for kids

Science Fiction Books for Kids If you’re like me and my Geek Schooling family, you may just find yourselves reading Science fiction books. While our bookshelves tend to be filled with […]

fun fantasy fiction for kids

Fun Fantasy Fiction for Kids If you’re like me and my Geek Schooling family, you may just love to read books in the fantsy genre. My whole family loves to sink […]

in praise of video games

In Praise of Video Games When you think of playing video games and homeschooling, you probably imagine educational video games (i.e. for math). “Non-educational” video games are fun, but are […]

learning with angry birds

Does your child love playing Angry Birds? If you don’t know what all the fuss is about – give Angry Birds a try now. At first it was only available […]