Welcome to Geek Schooling! I am Kimberly Charron, a busy, creative, homeschool, geek mom of two, who believes in outside of the box thinking and doing what you love. Geek Schooling is dedicated to ending your frustrations with your obsessed, geeky child and helping you to enjoy easy, delight directed learning with them, centred on their passions and fandoms.

I have been serving the homeschooling community by providing homeschooling activities, events, information, and reviews through Homeschooling in Nova Scotia since 2008. Since I especially love to share our Geek Schooling adventures, I started this website in 2016. I am also a Certified Online Business Manager. In my free time I like to perform in and direct local theatre, hand-spin, knit, read, and game.

If you have a Geek Schooling question or want to inquire about a product or curriculum review, please feel free to contact me at kimberly @ geekschoolingguide.com (just take out the spaces before and after the @ symbol first). You can also chat with me through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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